Obituary: Girilal Jain

Girilal Jain was a well-known, albeit controversial, Indian newspaper editor who espoused a strong, almost Fascist-like federal authority in India to help maintain its standing as the world’s largest democracy. As leader writer and later editor-in-chief from 1978 to 1988 of the influential and widely circulated Times of India, Jain … Read More

Edit: Girilal Jain

In the death of Mr Girilal Jain, Indian journalism has lost one of its outstanding practitioners. Mr Jain joined the profession at a time when it was emerging on its own from the shadows of the freedom struggle. He distinguished himself as a reporter first with the Indian News Chronicle … Read More

Obit news: Girilal Jain dead

Veteran journalist Girilal Jain died in New Delhi on Monday morning following a prolonged illness. He was 71. Mr Jain had been admitted to the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences about a month ago with ruptured intestines. He was operated on July 1, following which his condition deteriorated. He was … Read More